Training for assisted reproduction methods

Dragon-IVF has provided trainings in new laboratories worldwide for team training as well as in training labs hands-on trainings. Assisted reproduction is based on practical implementation methods and sensible preparation of each step in the laboratory. The smooth, trouble-free sequence of the individual methodological steps in the laboratory is the basis of a high-quality work, so that only in this way the medical expenses and preparations are in good synergy with their respective laboratory.

Understanding the individual work steps in the IVF laboratory brings transparency and knowledge gain in one’s own questions in order to open up individual possibilities for associated groups.

We are happy to develop an individual concept for you or your employees. Please contact us.


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Training in Göttingen and surroundings

Training is carried out in the assisted reproduction methods used. Mostly these take place in functionally furnished modern show rooms in and around Göttingen.

A complete package is created for you, which is tailored to individual needs (learning objectives, driving service, accommodation, leisure activities, etc.). Cooperating companies are integrated in order to offer a pleasant stay for the participants. The training courses are tailored to the individual requirements and learning objectives of the individuals in order to achieve maximum and specific learning success in a pleasing ambience. If requested, the participants will be sent to the
Trained in Göttingen in her own laboratory attended by Dragon IVF International to receive advice and assistance for the laboratory routine on site.

Trainings international

Of course, the training can also take place in the premises and laboratories of the customers, so that a solution is found for each question. Depending on training focus, you will be provided with specialist competences that both explain and represent laboratory work. In the medical field, too, we can recruit specialist reproductive physicians who will explain the basics in your own room and assist you.

Hands-on Training (Theory and practice)

Andrology • Embryology • IUI • IVF • ICS • TESE • PGD • Blastomere biopsies • Egg collection and embryo transfer


Laboratory staff

Learning all techniques and knowledge to work with an IVF lab. Due to the high number of possible repetitions of a work step, all methodically important processes can be learned quickly to perfection without disturbing the laboratory process in your own routine laboratories. A steep learning curve without regression of the routine is achieved in this way.

Specialist reproductive physicians

Physicians can get an idea of the methods in the laboratory, develop working stations and find out for themselves where the real challenges, time demands and fate are based in the laboratory. Only in this way is it possible to manage and coordinate a clinic professionally and in a way that avoids conflict situations between the laboratory and the doctor, as well as to advise patients in a targeted manner. Through the cross-knowledge understanding, they gain a good opportunity to assess their own laboratory quality and empower them to have a professional say in the laboratories. In this way, harmonious work between laboratory management, medical staff and assistance is possible. For physicians, the aim is to accredit the training courses by the Lower Saxony Medical Association.

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Other offers and services

Praktische und theoretische Schulungen der DRAGON IVF International

Dragon IVF International was founded in 2006 because there were few opportunities worldwide to learn the techniques of assisted reproduction in a qualified manner, although the number of laboratories is steadily increasing. This means that new staff must be trained by colleagues in parallel with routine work. Stress is pre-programmed within a team and leads to reduced performance.

Dragon IVF International offers the advantage that all work steps are learned exclusively on animal cells and tissues (e.g. mouse, pig, cow). Thus, continuous repetitions are possible during training until routine work is guaranteed.

During the trainings in customer’s own laboratories, Dragon IVF International conducts interval training after the base has been created in a training laboratory, so that basic training in animal gametes is learned in hands-on training and then step by step in the laboratory of the customer is trained with staff in the form of batches. Depending on learning progress, staff can then work independently and the team of Dragon IVF International withdraws.
Depending on requirements of the customers, a tailor-made program is developed to precisely meet their needs and learning goals and to achieve an extremely high, individual benefit. We offer different modules. You will learn all techniques and knowledge to run an IVF laboratory. We strive for accreditation of training courses by the Lower Saxony Medical Association and the Ministry of Culture.

We are happy to develop an individual concept for you or your employees. Please contact us.