Dragon IVF International – Creation of in-depth basic knowledge in an understandable form

The couple in any form is of great importance in the work of Dragon IVF Interntional and forms with consulting a starting point of treatment. The aim is to support medical consultation to the extent that couples can be well prepared and enter the topic on an equal footing. Patients who are at the beginning or in the middle of a fertility treatment can contact us. Knowledge and understanding make it easier to deal with problems and concerns.

Furthermore, Dragon IVF International sees itself as a partner of users of assisted reproduction as well as industry. The focus is on the training of procedures within fertility treatment and support in the development of reproductive medical techniques. The company thus represents an interface between users, industry and university institutions.

The cooperation with the most diverse companies allows creation of an industrial park that can be adapted to customer’s wishes.
We are happy to help with plans to build a new clinic to develop structures, legal conditions and budget-oriented equipment so that you can combine professionalism with ambience and rationality.

The goals are good results in the IVF clinics, satisfied patients and IVF teams with a lot of energy for their work.
Pictured, the team from the Ene Mahri Center in Ashukat /Turkmenistan 2007-2011


Who would have thought it…

Patron” and creator of Dragon IVF International is our horse “Delroy’s Dragon Heart”. Dragon Heart was born in our stable with a 5% chance of survival. My belief in survival of this foal has taught me to never give up courage: there is a solution for everything, paths always go forward into the future.
Through common sense as well as with a lot of confidence, we also manage our projects and would like to equip you all with in-depth basic knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine. It is important to us to to meet as human beings and to enrich you.

Within the team of Dragon IVF International, fairness, honesty, loyalty and motivation are our priorities. Characteristics, on which loyalty is based. We have made it our mission to worldwide support techniques of sterility treatments for laboratories by quality-oriented and country-oriented work in IVF laboratories. 

Together with the teams of worldwide laboratories, we work hand in hand to convey as much know-how as possible for fertility treatment. Your success is our success.

Your Dragon IVF International team


Working with gametes and embryos is a challenge for every beginner. Due to complexity of requirements in the laboratory sector (ejaculate reprocessing, IVF, ICSI, cryopreservation, classifications, correspondence, quality control, logistics, billing) and blatantly important acquisition of artificial techniques in the micromanipulatory field, it is very difficult for beginners and newcomers to quickly present representative results.

On the basis of this experience, the knowledge acquired since 1992 in the field of cell culture, embryo development, stem cell research and in vitro production systems in humans and animals is to be brought to the customer at the highest level. The network-like interaction between industry, science and personnel is to be symbiotically brought together with help of Dragon IVF International. Satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, so that everyone is served individually. Dragon IVF International was founded in 2006.

Our customers include:

  • Doctors
  • Scientists
  • MTA, BTA
  • Doctor’s assistants
  • Secretaries of the practices
  • Trainees
  • Company employees
  • Students of the associated disciplines
  • Patients
  • Students

However, we would like to point out at this point that the hands on area can only be guaranteed for the laboratory side. The medical field for gynaecologists can only be supported by German experts in their own centres