Hands-on Training (Theory and practice)


  • Andrology
  • Embryo-culture
  • Micromanipulation
  • Preparation of cells for genetic research

In detail:

  • Retrieval of oocytes
  • Washing of oocytes
  • Culture of oocytes and embryos
  • Washing of ejaculates
  • Separation methods of Spermatozoas
  • Morphology staining methods
  • Motility assessment
  • Fertilization by IVF
  • Fertilization by ICSI
  • Scoring of PN Stages
  • Culture of embryos until day 3
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Cryopreservation of PN stages
  • Cryopreservation of ejaculates
  • Cryopreservation of ovarian and TESE Biopsie
  • Thawing of frozen material
  • Laser assessment
  • Maintainance and calibration of IVF euqippement
  • Trouble shooting of equippement and workflows

By the trainings we will have following aims:

  • Person are working in IVF workflows of clinical embryology and methods of assisted reproduction will know the basics of all methodology and are able to work in any working position in the IVF lab.
  • Methods of assisted reproduction are presented with recent technology and machines
  • All methods of assisted reproduction will be performed after training perfectely, because workflows are repeated by animal cells until it is done without any turbulences
  • New colleagues are getting the basic routine in small time frames so that they can integrated in the clinics workflow immediately not loosing any time by inside long lasting trainings
  • Machines are getting understood fast and a reasonable workflow in own lab we will get developed

Training is carried out in the common assisted reproduction methods. We can provide professional training in human and vetenarian aspects and methods as well. Mostly in and around Göttingen these trainings take place in functionally furnished modern show rooms.

A complete package is created for you, which is tailored to individual needs (learning objectives, driving service, accommodation, leisure activities, etc.).
Prizes show the complete package of all our efforts ( food and accommodation, traveling to the training facilities, training including trainer, disposals and cells) . We take care for our customers from arrival until departure and will present a very comfortable, effective and long impressive stay, tailored to your needs. Our mission is to present a specific learning and development of your skill in a pleasant and peaceful learning atmosphere.

If you like we come to visit you in your own facilities to bring your laboratory to perfection.
Please feel free to contact us , so we will find best solution in prizing and content to your comfort.
Hands on trainings will start by minimum 5 participants until maximum 10 people, to provide an individual and fast learning success.

Also very special methods like in vitro maturation, polar biopsies, vitrification or process to prepare samples for NGS we are able to train in detail. Contrary to other training facilities we train our customer to their needs not only following fixed programs. Also we take care of your own training speed not bringing any pressure to you. Our trainings are going individually.

Training success we check by understanding talks. After the training we are still with you to serve you at the dragon IVF hotline or email.

Our target audience in knowledge transfer

  • Patient couples ( starting by 5 couples) who will understand their own cases by demonstrating main steps in the lab
  • Industry partners to train with colleagues their own products understanding these products in the complete workflow of IVF
  • Health insurance companies staff to understand the service and equivalent transaction in the lab . This makes the staff able to discuss remarkable questions out of IVF coming out of their customers on a loyal and basic educated level.


Person who will take part in our hands on trainings should have a basic idea of laboratory work or should have a degree in natural science like MTA, BTA, LTA, biologist, vetenarians, agriculture, human medicines.

For the knowledge transfer which will be demonstrated only everybody willing to get insight in assisted reproduction techniques is most welcome to understand our wonderful job in the IVF laboratories supporting reproduction sciences.

We are happy to develop an individual concept for you or your employees. Please contact us.