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Success through cooperation in Assisted Reproduction

Caring for the couple wishing to have children

Procreation from the test tube- this is how assisted reproduction is often presented and implies a very uncertain idea of what is to come in the treatment of the couples. An essential part of my work is accompaniment and independent advice through education of couples with a desire to have children before and during your treatment in a fertility clinic. As a couple with a wish to have children, you are constantly confronted with technical terms, data, figures and statistics that are difficult to understand and which require you to make a variety of decisions. Uncertainty, confusion, hope and disappointment are the result and may add a heavy financial burden.

All fertility centres themselves carry out a great deal of enlightenment, but questions remain which arise very quickly and whose clarification is important in order to establish a peaceful state of mind.

It is very important to me to to accompany you with confidence, to patiently explain all your data and results with my extensive expertise, to encourage you, but also to advise and explain honestly and objectively.
I am looking forward to meeting you.

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Dragon IVF International is a company that deals with training and the implementation of assisted reproduction as well as the development of IVF laboratories mainly in the human field.

On our pages you will find information about the objectives, services and offers of Dragon IVF International, the structure and the procedure within the different areas of work.

The objective of Dragon IVF International is to: