Couple counselling for the desire to have children

As a couple wishing to have children, you will have listened to the importance of stress reduction and relaxation for your success. After a long, confusing and disappointing time of “sole testing” with various tips and techniques, you finally turn to a fertility practice. Here you are signing forms that you can’t fully understand. Of course, you want to get the best possible treatment, but it should also be in a cost-related effect in the realm of what is possible. Decisions are made from the gut without you really being able to track what is happening. Psychologically empowering contacts are rare, as the desire to have children is perhaps a very private topic for you. The more time elapses, the more hopes are disappointed, the more grief and despair tug at you. An exhausting act – and no trace of relaxation.
I would like to provide you with my knowledge from 30 years of fertility treatment and support you where the support of the fertility practice teams reach their limits. You will go to the clinics you have chosen with a well-founded understanding of the conversation and through this knowledge base, you actively can decide which is the right way for you, to keep your own baby in your arms as soon as possible.

This accompaniment during your treatment can go as far as that we will go through this difficult time together and I will try to relieve you of the inner stress by means of tips and directions, so that you as a couple can master this phase in life well.
I want to help them trust the clinic where you are in treatment by understanding what is actually happening to your cells. Accept your way through your fertility treatment, Dragon IVF International is at your disposal with all its resources and tries to build a meaningful bridge between you and the treatment.

How an accompaniment works

After you have contacted us, we will find out together where and in what framework I can best help you. I can advise you by phone, by e-mail and via video chat. If you want an accompaniment through the complete case, that is also possible without any problems. Since fertility therapy provides new insights almost every day and you as a couple also have to deal emotionally with the results, I will stand by your side whenever you want me to.

Personal support is also possible in centres located abroad. During the preparatory discussions or on the crucial days such as puncture or embryo transfer, I can accompany you and take away the fears and worries through professional competence, as well as translate the words of the clinics for you in such a way that you can read and understand the results yourself.


Strength through knowledge

Childlessness is a very emotional situation. The work in a fertility clinic, on the other hand, is absolutely characterized by facts, documentation and bureaucracy. The main focus of IVF teams is on the qualitatively valuable practical work, so that the time for personal conversations and questions is very limited. You have to accept results that limit you in your self-determination.

Help is often provided on the internet with many portals of affected couples, which give you security by feeling integrated into a group that has a similar fate, and that’s a good thing.

I would also like to offer you competent individual help. Based on the explanation of expertise, you will quickly be able to understand what is happening to your cells in the labs. I want to help you understand the lab parameters and methods and take away the fear that you might fail.

Through my studies in agricultural sciences with phD I have been familiar with the relevant teachings and techniques since my young adulthood, so that I have been following this science with passion since 1992 and, through my work in international laboratories, I have been able to develop an immense spectrum of knowledge.

In addition, I am a person who wants to give you confidence with a great love for life, who, with understanding and patience, wants to facilitate the explanation of technical conditions in the laboratories, to make the small, great miracle come true, for which you fight and live.

Yours Manuela Ropeter

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The goals and contents of my accompaniment

  • You should understand what happens to your cells in the labs within the methods.
  • Medical appointments are explained to you in such a way that you understand your personal case.
  • We work out all laboratory results together so that you can understand your individual case and go through therapy with confidence.
  • During the treatment phase, I try to stay by your side and take the different hurdles together with the fertility team of your choice.

By understanding your own therapy, you will be helped to gain confidence and strength to go through this time.

How can I help you?

Contact me and we will find out together what your personal offer of information can look like. I am very happy to meet you.

Contact us by e-mail

Please contact us at:

Phone: +49 – (0) 55 03 – 91 42 6
Mobile: +49 – (0) 1 77 – 79 44 768*

Please note that Dragon IVF is not a profit-maximizing company and only accepts a limit of clients for the consultation to avoid losing quality. If the capacities of the individual accompaniments are exhausted, you will still have information and consultations available in the context of group consultations, which will be carried out up to a maximum of 10 couples in the area of Göttingen.