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Training Labor assistierte Reproduktion in der Uni Götingen
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HP Hands-on-IVF-Bericht

Hands-on-Methoden Programm

Fotoprotokoll Patientin-Labor

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In-vitro-Maturation porciner Oozyten auf Feederlayer-Kulturen mit Antikörpern gegen Inhibin

Identifikation und funktionale Charakterisierung von Duftrezeptorproteinen in Säugetierkeimzellen

Vitrifikation von Mäuseblastocysten mit der OPS-Methode unter Zusatz verschiedener Saccharosekonzentrationen

Einfluss von Anti-Inhibin und Kokultursystemen auf die In-vitro-Maturation und Befruchtung von Schweineeizellen

Überlebensfähigkeit von kryokonservierten Mäuseembryonen

IVF: Hoffnung für Paare mit Kinderwunsch

Ashgabat Medical Center introduces embryo implantation


Basic comments on the potential of stem cell therapy in veterinary medicine and first results of mesenchymal stem cell culture

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From 2006 to 2007, the first evaluation on advantages, feasibility, and efficiency of training courses in reproductive medicine took place to answer the following questions: The answers are given by the following experience:
At the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Göttingen, an IVF laboratory according to the latest standards was established with the support of the following companies: Varolab, Zeiss, MTG, Luigs and Neumann, Labotect, Biomedical Instruments, Cook, Medicult, Heike Janssen and Vitrolife.

In this laboratory, master and doctoral students were able to perform and complete research projects under ideal laboratory conditions. At the same time, training courses in all disciplines of laboratory work in assisted reproduction were carried out. Questions about their products could be answered by the industry in the shortest time by experienced professionals. Furthermore, the laboratory served as a permanent industrial exhibition and was a symbiosis between science, industry and Dragon IVF International with maximum benefit to everyone.

To summarize, it is worth noting that it is possible to unite different companies within a project. The laboratory grew to its full capacity by the employment of PhD students and trainees. Thus, the evaluation was completed successfully.

Erfolg durch Kooperation