Training Center

A project of Dragon IVF International

1. DSF Labcon

    After a long phase of planning and evaluation we now have successfully brought the possibility of individual IVF trainings to Germany. In cooperation with a permanent schooling lab has been established in the facilities of Labotect GmbH where the necessary laboratory techniques of IVF treatment and laboratory tasks of assisted reproduction are taught intensively by our trainers. Goal is to convey the technical and academic skills to the trainees in a short time. Through small group sizes and more than 10 years experienced trainers this is being ensured.
    The pilot course had been conducted with 5 German IVF technicians and was given a highly positive feedback.
    On the other side there a 2 overview educations per year in larger groups where one can acquire an overall view of the most important stations (andrology, micromanipulation, gamete handling, cryopreservation, vitrification, data management and incubation).

    These overall hands on schooling of IVF take place under the request of ISOM (International school of Medicine).

    Below you can find the schedule of schooling but also individual schedule and syllabi may be considered.
    Please contact us to find the right schooling concept for you.

    Learning Schedule Overview (click)