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Pferd Georgina
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HP Hands-on-IVF-Bericht

Hands-on-Methoden Programm

Fotoprotokoll Patientin-Labor

Learning Schedule Overview

In-vitro-Maturation porciner Oozyten auf Feederlayer-Kulturen mit Antikörpern gegen Inhibin

Identifikation und funktionale Charakterisierung von Duftrezeptorproteinen in Säugetierkeimzellen

Vitrifikation von Mäuseblastocysten mit der OPS-Methode unter Zusatz verschiedener Saccharosekonzentrationen

Einfluss von Anti-Inhibin und Kokultursystemen auf die In-vitro-Maturation und Befruchtung von Schweineeizellen

Überlebensfähigkeit von kryokonservierten Mäuseembryonen

IVF: Hoffnung für Paare mit Kinderwunsch

Ashgabat Medical Center introduces embryo implantation


Basic comments on the potential of stem cell therapy in veterinary medicine and first results of mesenchymal stem cell culture

Within the team of Dragon IVF International fairness, honesty, and motivation enjoy top priority. These properties are motivated by loyalty. We made training of IVF techniques to our business worldwide to support the IVF laboratories in all countries by helping to establish a quality orientated and country specified working in IVF labaratories.

Our mission statement is:

"And God took up a few grains of the South Wind, breathed life into it and spoke to the wonderful creature: You have been created like no other. All treasures of this world shall lie between your eyes. You shall fly without wings and triumph without sword."
Together with the local teams of the IVF laboratories we are working hand in hand to bring that much know how as possible for the treatement of infertility cases. Your success is our success to bring the baby-take-home rate to maximum.

Erfolg durch Kooperation