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In-vitro-Maturation porciner Oozyten auf Feederlayer-Kulturen mit Antikörpern gegen Inhibin

Identifikation und funktionale Charakterisierung von Duftrezeptorproteinen in Säugetierkeimzellen

Vitrifikation von Mäuseblastocysten mit der OPS-Methode unter Zusatz verschiedener Saccharosekonzentrationen

Einfluss von Anti-Inhibin und Kokultursystemen auf die In-vitro-Maturation und Befruchtung von Schweineeizellen

Überlebensfähigkeit von kryokonservierten Mäuseembryonen

IVF: Hoffnung für Paare mit Kinderwunsch

Ashgabat Medical Center introduces embryo implantation


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Stammzellentherapie bei Verletzungen am Bewegungsapparat des Pferdes

IMSI training in Farah Hospital / Amman 29th - 01/31/2012

Hassan Al Haris, Laboratory & Scientific Supplies /Taawon-Dragon IVF International
Within 2 days, it was possible through a collaboration between Dragon IVF International and Taawon Labaratory & Scientific supplies, to establish the IMSI technique in the Farah Hospital, Jordan. In this intensive workshop a local- based IVF team consisting out of 4 embryologist the newly installed Nikon microscope system with an integrated micro-manipulation system was trained.

Microscope It appeared very advantageous here that the selection of the sperm under IMSI conditions and subsequent ICSI is on the same microscope possible. (Easy switching of DIC in MC mode and vice versa). Detailed demonstration of different sperm morphology (from fresh human ejaculates) were carried out on the screen and the quality criteria discussed in detail with the experienced trainer Mrs. Helena Angermaier, who did more than 500 IMSI cases a year personally.
Training content: IMSI IMSI configuration At all very interesting was the sensational resolution with dry IMSI. The procedure has become interesting because of lack of the immersion oil so it is a much more elegant method, and the image quality from Nikon microscope is beautiful so the system can be a real option in this technology. IMSI 2 nd Day of the workshop was mostly hands on the preparation of the IMSI discussed and demonstrated. Diner In the last section, the lab supervisor and colleagues were instructed, the IMSI to practice independently and it was even possible to perform a routine case correctly under supervision. The team of the Farah Hospital could therefore get confirmed, the IMSI to perform in the routine.

On 29th of January 2012 many internal jordanian IVF teams followed the invitation of IVF Al Tawoon for a great dinner. 30 Jordanian embryologists took part in this event. Additionally there was a highly scientific and professional level to have a very good information exchange.


Helena Angermaier

At this point I would like to express heartfelt thanks to my colleague, Helena Angermaier for the professional support that has helped the Farah Team to receive in short time in-depth knowledge of the methodology of IMSI to perform the unit having very fast good results. Hassan Haris I thank for the excellent cooperation throughout the organization and the trust. Last but not least, I would like also to thank the IVF team of the Farah Hospital in Jordan, as well as the general manager of the interest in our services and the collegial cooperation, all this through the financial support and of course the will of the know-how transfers all have made it all possible. Manuela Ropeter
Dr. Manuela Ropeter
Dragon IVF International

Erfolg durch Kooperation