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Dragon IVF International serves as a partner for both ART users and industry. Hands-on training of ART techniques (ICSI, IMSI, cryopreservation, andrology, embryology etc.) as well as support in the development of new reproductive technologies are of highest priority. Thus, the company represents an interface between users, industry, and scientific institutions.

As well as the owner of the company, Dr. sc. agr. Manuela Ropeter-Scharfenstein, highly qualified medical and laboratory personnel and also technicians are available. Their number is increasing constantly.

Visiting external laboratories requires absolute discretion. This ensures a loyal and faithful cooperation with the customer. All activities and commitments are stipulated. According to the customers needs, a customized program is generated to match their requirements and learning targets and to reach an extremely high, individual benefit.
We offer various services:
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A: Education

Hands-on-training (theoretical and practical)
  • Andrology
  • Embryology
  • IUI
  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • TESE
  • PGD und FISH
  • Biopsy of blastomeres
  • Hormonal stimulation with oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer
Goals: Learning of all techniques necessary to run an IVF laboratory. An accreditation of the training program by the medical association as well as the ministry of education is aimed at.

B: Installation

Installation of IVF laboratories in human or veterinary medicine

So far, ART is well established in many parts of the world. However, for those who are planning to open new IVF units, Dragon IVF International offers the possibility, to assist such attempts and to give competent advice. For each location, an individual analysis will be established according to local conditions, such as climate and culture, and, last but not least, financial resources. Dragon IVF International will always support its customers from the establishment of a laboratory, including equipment, to laboratory workflow and logistics. A staff of highly qualified experts is at its disposal so that all problems, ranging from the medical and laboratory to genetic topics, can immediately be solved in any country according to the state of the art.

As good results should be gained from the very beginning, laboratory personnel is trained on-site in a friendly and professional way. As soon as the customer wants to go ahead alone, the support of Dragon IVF International comes to an end.

IVF/ICSI batches and patient-consulting

If an IVF centre wishes a team of experts to carry out treatment (IVF or ICSI) on a certain number of patients (batch) at a certain time, Dragon IVF International is able to do it alone or in cooperation with local personnel. In many countries, the chance of being treated by German experts is highly appreciated by the patients and increases the popularity of the clinic.

Basic aspects:
  • Advice on logistic demands
  • Selection of reasonable equipment according to budget and demands on comfort
  • Training of personnel
  • Advice on adequate consumables
  • Quality management

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C: Industry

Product assessment

Professional product assessment might be helpful to companies offering IVF products. Thus, even before market launch, the developer receives important hints from professionals with respect to marketability. If necessary, improvements can be worked out together and may lead to market success.

Dragon IVF International has a highly qualified and experienced staff which has gathered its knowledge from its working routines for many years.

Industrial investigation

Because of long lasting experience in the field of reproductive medicine, Dragon IVF International is able to give competent advice to industry for the development of new products. In this way, useful innovations can be introduced into the IVF market contributing to quality-oriented work.

Specialist counseling for industry and research

  • Qualified examination
  • Ergonomics
  • New ideas
  • Issue of reports
  • Product evaluation and testing

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D: Help

Trouble shooting in the laboratory

Frequently, inexplicable declines in the pregnancy rate occur in IVF laboratories. Personnel, directly related to the routine work, are very often not able to find the causes or the faults because they are too closely involved in the daily work flow. In these cases, Dragon IVF International offers a 3-5 day stay to conduct research regarding the causes of the decline and to help to provide quality embryos and thus to increase pregnancy rates to an acceptable level. At the end of such trouble shooting, a written report will be handed over including recommendations on how future regressions in the pregnancy rate could be avoided.
  • Analysis of the present situation in the laboratory affected
  • Data analysis
  • Discussion with the employees
  • Inspection of instruments, media, interfaces
  • Report and suggested solutions

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E: Preservation

Preservation of endangered species

In veterinary medicine, reasonable IVF systems are needed for the preservation of endangered species. Therefore, cryopreservation of gametes and embryonic stages holds a prominent position in the work of Dragon IVF International. The great diversity in the animal kingdom needs special techniques in the field of reproductive biology. Special teams of Dragon IVF International are able to handle these procedures. Because of an intensive cooperation with veterinary colleges and a variety of animal breeding institutes, adequate work programs can be tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Erfolg durch Kooperation

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